Who says yoga is just for adults? :) Last March 24, I had the immense pleasure of taking part (as an audience, that is) on a Kiddie Yoga Adventure led by London based yoga teacher, Patricia Olabre at Beyond Yoga. With ten children in tow, she went on a little trip to an imaginary jungle and through the city.

Beyond Yoga

She began the class very much like a typical class, with each of the ten children sitting in an easy seat, rooting their bums to the ground by “gluing” them and attaching their heads to a string on the cloud that floated way up into the sky.

They then stretched out their muscles by making the best pizza in the world before heading off to the jungle to find the cobras and lions and all sorts of other animals. The poses they did in class were also very much like the poses adults do in a typical yoga class but were presented in more simple and age-appropriate terms. Child’s pose, for example, was called mouse. More »


In my Personal Effectiveness classes, one of the modules I teach is about getting to know what stress is and how to better handle this. To begin my module, I often ask my students to define what stress for them is and then I go on to define stress as anything that puts a strain on one’s personal resources. Logical, right? However, during the second installment of Dona Tumacder-Esteban’s Yin Yoga workshops at Beyond Yoga, I realized that my approach to teaching my students stress management was more centered on a cognitive approach rather than a holistic approach that would allow for one to really be more integrated in the self. Building on from the exploration of the physical body, which had been the focus of the week before, this time Dona took us to an exploration of the the relationship of stress to the physical and mental bodies. She helped us understand the anatomy of stress and how it manifests in the body, and we got to see how it encompasses more than just the physical self, but also the mental, energetic and emotional bodies as well. We also learned how to go from being REACTIVE to CREATIVE in response to stress. More so, she highlighted how, in responding to stress, three things are key: watching the breath, relaxing the muscles, and opening to grace :) More »



That’s all that I can muster right about now….

Beyond Yoga, my home away from home (teehee), is offering a 300 hour yoga teacher training this August to November!!! From the time I found myself on the mat, I knew it was exactly where I was supposed to be. Now I want to take it a little further and hopefully, just as my wonderful yoga teachers have done, also inspire others to find themselves on and off the mat.

I have been entertaining the thought of becoming a yoga teacher since my teachers Bow and Dona have planted those little seeds in my head and this program seems to be the right fit for me :) I love how the modules are spread out over three months because let’s face¬† it…I need my day job to actually survive. Har. Since this module is broken down into shorter time increments, I can actually do it without leaving my job for a whole month. Plus I like how it’s spaced out over time because it sure would be helpful to a learner like me…ya know me naman, slow learner. harhar. Seriously,¬† I like how this will allow me to take in smaller chunks of information and allow me to digest and stew in this. And I think it can allow me to practice what I learn in between. I may be a good crammer but I do need time off from cramming every now and then hehe.

So…am I gonna do this?

My heart says yes.

My head say yes.

My soul says yes.

My wallet, however, still says let’s see. Teehee.

Dear Universe, please make this happen for me.

check out www.igobeyondyoga.com or look them up on Facebook for more details :)


My love affair with yoga started with the discovery of the practice of Yin Yoga, and though I have found my way through different classes and yoga styles, I always, always find myself coming home to Yin. It truly is love. Every Yin class I go to brings me deeper and deeper in love with the practice. And each time I come out of my practice, I bring with me a deeper awareness of self.

Last Sunday, my dear friend and yoga teacher, Dona Tumacder-Esteban, graciously invited me to sit in and document her workshop on the physical body, yin yang theories and the practice of yin yoga. Although I have been practicing yin with her about fourteen months now, and even if I have been to several of her workshops, being there allowed me to appreciate the practice even more. More »