I’m not the type of girl who likes to stand on the edge. Or take chances. Or experiment. Or even simply try something I do not know.

I prefer the seeming safety of the middle ground, the place where everything is familiar and known. I guess it’s often because I’m afraid of falling or perhaps losing control. I don’t mind imploding, mind you, or falling into myself, but outward…oh no. It’s kinda like that fear I had for inversions before…of falling and hurting others that scared me rather than falling and hurting myself. As a result, I try to keep my step inside and lean into the middle, crunching up inwardly so there is less danger of falling out.  Or so it seemed.

Today, however, I realized that it isn’t so. Apparently, the more I try to turn in and stay on the inside, the more difficult it is for me to balance and keep control. By stepping on the outer edge, not too much, but just enough, that is where a good foundation lies.

And yeah…like many of my other light bulb moments, this came to me on the mat. This is why I love yoga so much! Getting to understand my physical body has allowed me to get to know my heart and soul in ways I would have never imagined and today was one of those times when, through breaking down the bits and pieces of my asana practice, I found a piece of me that allows me to become a better me. More »


Yoga has been such a gift to me. It has helped me become a better me in so many ways. So much so, I cannot begin to describe how. Because it has been such a wonderful blessing to me, I cannot NOT share it. This is why I want to be a yoga teacher someday.

While I work on that, however, I realize that there are MANY ways I can share this beautiful practice with others around me. This blog is one of them :)

This, as I understand it, is one of the thrusts of the Yoga For Life community. It is to share awareness and wellness through the practice of yoga. I heard about Yoga For Life sometime last year when they celebrated the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial. I had planned to go, especially since I had just started on my yogic path then but things didn’t work out for me. This year, however, I fully intend to join the group on May 20, 2012, at 3PM at the Quezon Memorial Circle.

Please check out their poster below for more information or log on to the Yoga For Life Facebook page here.

I hope to see you guys there :)


For all my adult life, I have been a teacher. In hindsight, even before I was an adult, I was already teaching in my own little way, whether this be in Sunday school or in the form of baby sitting my mom’s friends’ kids as I was growing up and so on and so forth.

However happy I am as a teacher, and as much as I know teaching is always going to be a part of me, I think I am most looking forward to teaching in this way….

yoga teacher training

I so can’t wait.

02. May 2012 · 2 comments · Categories: Studios

Yesterday I came across a post in the yoga community Facebook page that I am part of and saw an announcement for an up and coming wellness studio called White Space. Besides yoga, regular Tai Chi, mat Pilates and meditation sessions are listed amongst their class offerings.

White Space will be opening on June 2012 and is located at right across from the Ateneo campus. They are offering a special prize to the first 500 people who sign up for membership or class card packages. Do check out http://www.whitespacewellness.com/ for more details.

Congratulations to Eileen Tupaz and Abbey Rivadelo! I wish you light and love on your exciting new venture and I look forward to meeting you guys :)

Now on a random note….why oh why do I find another studio in the Quezon CIty area and still am drawing a blank on the Alabang area???


It’s my first time to join this and so I hope you all check it out :) I hope that after you enter the giveaway, you take the time to browse through my site and read a bit about my love for yoga. Besides seeing you around the blogosphere, I hope to see you on the yoga mat too :)

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