Yesterday, while waiting for a friend for dinner, I passed by the hardware store to check out rubber mats. I was thinking this might be a good alternative for the mats I need. Yes, I know it isn’t really a yoga mat, but I was imagining that maybe it could be something I can use in the meantime. Let’s face it…I can’t afford to invest in 15 new mats right about now. Anyway, while I was at the store, I decided to look around and let my imagination run wild, just like when I was a preschool teacher. I saw some superdidooper cute cat toys that I thought of using as props for a kids class (no, it wasn’t a scratcher! It was like a bell on a stick with some really cute colored feathers at the tip), I imagined how the soft ropes and rubber stoppers can be made into cute toys, and I even took pause and thought of what I can do with a double jacket fire hose! I remember that as a preschool teacher, I had a whole lotta teacher made toys that were fabulous :) Seriously though, I saw this post in Facebook recently about braiding together plastic bags and it came out looking like a rope. That’s what inspired the whole let’s check the hardware thought came from! Hehe. Do you have any creative ways of making yoga props? Do let me know if you do!


Oh the highlight of my day!

After a super stressful week (despite it supposedly being a shorter work week!), I finally made it back to yin class. OH JOY.

Not only was it a yin class, it was a workshop led by Asia’s Yin Yoga Guru, Victor Chng. I am grateful :) Thank you to my friend Jane for the photo!


Dear Friends,

I need yoga mats. No, not for me, but for community classes. It is my wish to be able to do kids yoga classes for those who can’t afford to go to studios or perhaps go to a school that cannot afford such nice materials, and so it you can help me out, that would be great :) Pre-loved yoga mats would be most wonderful. When I was a beginning yogini, I bought those generic, department store mats and they worked fine for me. However, when I became a serious practitioner, I began investing in more heavy-duty mats. So if you were like me, you’d probably have an old mat lying around somewhere, right? :) If that’s the case, would you care to send me your mat and share this with the kids I hope to work with? No worries if it’s not in perfect condition, I am sure I can do something about that! A little magic (and the help of handy dandy tools such as duct tape,  rubber, suede and  leather repair kits, and swatches of cloth/leatherette) can definitely help make these things ready for use again! Okay, that might be a little too ambitious, but it’s worth a try. Har.

Seriously though, I’m starting a mat drive and if anyone wants to pitch in, I’d be most grateful. I have been blessed with so much opportunities to discover this wonderful practice and the Universe has conspired and paved the way to my becoming a yoga teacher and I want to give back. As part of seva, I want to reach out to kids in hospitals and other institutions and have some kids yoga fun with them. The school I work with has is currently working with one hospital in particular and they said that movement activities would be great for the kids, since they often only have the opportunity to do story-telling and art activities with volunteers. Since I am now a certified kids yoga teacher, I want to share my time with them. Email me at yapatoots(at)gmail(dot)com for more details.

With love,

Teacher Ria


After three days of fun and games, and a whole lot of exploration too, I did it :) I am now officially a certified Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher :)

I am so excited to teach my first class soon! I am thankful for all the wonderful people I met in this teacher training program, and I am especially blessed to have learned from the one of the most enthusiastic and fun-nest teacher, Lei Sadakari :)


Trying to ask for help (and accepting this support) from my teachers in inversions and various poses in yoga class used to be very hard for me. I used to be so very afraid of it. Why? Well, for one you have to let go of your inhibitions and insecurities. It wasn’t really falling I was afraid of, as I wrote before, but the fact that I might hurt the teacher inadvertently. Over time, I learned to let that go.

Partner yoga, however, is a totally different story!!!

I never really minded being the one lifting people, supporting people, or being the base in a partner exercise .  Not only do I feel like I’m hurting or squashing the person underneath me, I feel like the whole world is watching me via those extra large screens hanging on a flat screen mount. Or even worse: like those football stadium LED screens! Egaaad! I can imagine people saying stuff like what a fat girl, poor person underneath her! and so on and so forth.

This weekend, however, I learned to let it be. Sure, there’s still a little hesitation (I can’t help it…I’m physically ginormous, right???), but at least now I try.