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I was browsing through Facebook last night and saw this! How exciting is it to have yet another awesome Yin Yoga teacher gracing Manila? I have been in love with Yin Yoga, as I have said many times in this blog and this is definitely an opportunity I will not let pass.

Her workshops are slated for February 2013. It may be some time away, but as early as now, I am going to make sure my calendar is cleared up for this! Will share more information as soon as they are available.


I woke up from a strange dream today with this reminder…

More often than not, doing the right thing costs more and takes more effort. Nonetheless, taking that effort makes all the difference.

I don’t really remember the details of my dream, but I do recall vividly the feeling of tranquility in the face of difficulty in the dream. What difficulty that was, I do not recall, but I remembered feeling safe even so. There were bright purples and greens all around, and flowers and something like a little decorative moss ball for your garden, and lots of butterflies floating around.

I guess my unconscious is a bit antsy nowadays, what with the second module of TT right around the corner.Nonetheless, I am so excited. But true, I am scared, nervous and a bit anxious. I kinda am feeling a bit insecure because I still don’t know how good I’ll be at this whole yoga teaching thing. All I do know for sure is that I want it more than anything. I suppose that’s what the dream is telling me, ya? That as long as I make the effort, that’s all that counts.




I’m currently reading the book, How Yoga Works, and as I am going through it, I think I’m getting a better understanding of how deeply yoga changes your life. It’s not just a physical thing. I’ve always known that,  but as I go through it, it becomes clearer and clearer to me. As you develop a consistent practice, you really become more aware of the internal and external winds (as is put in the story) that really causes you disease, whether this may be a bad back or a psychic wound. Amazing.

As I’ve watched my practice grow, I have seen how much my life has changed because of yoga. Even my being a vegetarian, for example, is now becoming clear. I’ve said many times that I did not really know why I did it, but that it just felt right. I guess that was my “winds” coming into balance. Even now, when I go out with friends for drinks or what not, I see that I cannot tolerate it as much. I guess the old habits, just like the sergeant’s penchant for drinking in the book or maybe one’s habit of smoking cigars, are really modified because of the practice. The nice thing about this, I think, is that if you let it, the magic of yoga just happens. You don’t really need to MAKE it happen, but you have to allow it to happen by being fully present, consistent in your practice, and most of all, you let it be by allowing yourself to open to grace. It is with that that healing begins.