Pardon the non-yoga related post, but…this blog desperately needs a makeover! Teehee. While I love having a pre-made template that allows me to make/find custom banners that will give it a personalized look, I want a new blog design that will reflect the personality of this blog. To be fair, this template is quite easy to work with but there are a few things here and there that I want to tweak.

With that said…anyone out here willing to give this yogini a cool new look for her yoga blog? Please? :)


In celebration of their 3rd year anniversary, the Flow girls Monica, Noelle and Denise invite you to Flow with them in Zambales for the next FLOW SurfYogaSamba retreat. After the hugely successful weekend at the GK Enchanted farm a few months ago, the girls are taking it back to the shore, this time in the dream Casa San Miguel in Zambales from November 30-December 2. Adding excitement to the event are Corey Wills, who will be leading a fundamentals yoga class to prepare the mind and body for surfing, which he will teach as well. Also joining the weekend is Mona Lisa Neuboeck, a raw food chef, who will be sharing about how to eat healthfully raw at any surf spot (I suppose this goes for any beach or nature spot too? Teehee). The weekend would not be complete, of course, without Monica Eleazar-Manzano’s yin yoga class, drumming ans samba dancing with the Escola de Samba de Manila and a green smoothie workshop with the Flow team. Oh…and did I mention that these retreats are listed among the Top 10 Yoga retreat destinations in the WORLD???? Check them out here.

For more information, email or check us out on Facebook: flow surfyogasamba, Twitter: @surfyogasamba and

Flow:SurfYogaSamba Weekend Retreat in Zambales is presented by Havaianas, Aura Athletica, Bobble. In partnership with Belo Essentials Sun Expert, Moringana, Lightwater, Vitaminboost, Beyond Yoga. Minor Sponsors: Aloha Boardsports, Billabong. Browhaus, Strip, Lagu, Human Heart Nature, Fitness Lab. Media Partner: Travel Magazine and My Life on Board.





One of the yamas or restraints in the practice of yoga is aparigraha, or non-possessiveness. Lately, I am being made aware of how bad I am at practicing this. To say I have difficulty letting go is an understatement. It’s not that I’m selfish (I’d like to believe) but I do like getting stuff. And a lot of stuff. I tend to not dispose of stuff and yeah, I’d probably be one of those people who end up as hoarders. In my head I know I don’t need a lot of stuff, such as that cute bag from, but for some reason, I find myself clicking these things and adding them to my wish list or cart. In the same way, old test papers and grade sheets from many years ago are still stored in my closet for fear of maybe needing it someday. Crazy, right?

And so yes, for the next few weeks, my goal is to work on aparigraha. Let it go, Ri, maybe things will change :)


It’s funny how sometimes a dream you never knew you had suddenly comes true. That’s just what has happened to me these past three months. Not once in my life did I imagine I would become a yoga teacher. In fact, the uncoordinated two hundred twenty pound me never would have even imagined stepping into a yoga mat. But then here I am today, bright-eyed and in awe, and overflowing with gratitude, to find myself in this path as a new yoga teacher. Interestingly, while I never thought I would dream of something like this, it feels just so right. Kinda like it’s always been that way…like something my heart and soul always knew but my mind never paid attention to. But like I said, here I am today.

And so yeah, practicing yoga was something I never imagined doing before, but once I did, I fell in love.

Becoming a yoga teacher was something i never even remotely thought of, but somehow, my heart and soul knew that it was what i was meant to do.

And so before I switch modes and turn on the cognitive side of my brain as I put on my psych teacher hat for a moment and read the thesis proposals that I need to go through, I want to end the day with a big THANK YOU to all the people and for all the circumstances that have allowed me to be a receive such wonderful blessings.

Thank you, Anna, for not only being my teacher and making this training happen for me, but also for being a friend and for showing me what love is really all about. Thank you for showing me my wings and teaching me how to fly with them, on and off the mat. You told me once to keep my heart happy and open for love, and I will remember that always.

Thank you, Clayton, for all the things i learned through you. like i said, i may not be a hardcore Ashtangi, but learning from you definitely changed my practice and the way I see things in so many ways.

Thank you to my fellow BYTT graduates for taking this journey alongside me.

To Moching, Paulo, Dona, David, Natalie, Elise, all the other teachers who took time to share their knowledge and wisdom with us throughout this training, thank you. Learning anatomy with you, Moching, was definitely more fun than it sounds :)

Thank you Cara and the rest of the Beyond Yoga family for taking such good care of us all this time, even when we leave a mess in the studio! Teehee. Thank you too for your tireless efforts to make us comfortable and to meet our every need, even before we realized we needed them.

Dona, you are a beacon of light. I am grateful for you for so many reasons. I love you with all my heart :)

Thank you, Bow, for the bright sunshine you brought into my life. Your encouragement and constant affirmation, and the patience and willingness to teach me even when I’d be the only one to show up in class, will always be cherished. I will always miss our days at Flow, but I look forward to where we can go together from now.

To the Flowks, thanks for the chats over things I don’t eat or drink anymore :) It was in those conversations that I realized that I can actually do this. Here’s to more time on the mat.

To my friends, Trina, Jane, Ma’am Caring and Pia. You may not know it (or maybe you do, haha), but you have all played such pivotal roles in this life journey of mine, and so I thank you.

To my family, especially my mommy, thank you for supporting this dream of mine. It may not have seemed to be a “wise” choice at this point in time, but for telling me to trust my instinct and run with it, I thank you.

To all my other teachers who continue to nurture my practice, I bow my head in gratitude to you.



I looked down at my feet today while teaching my class and thought…egaaad. I know I’ve always had calloused and not-so-pretty feet, but my gollygumdrop. It’s gotten much worse! Haha. I think it’s from the constant practice and walking around barefoot! I really should work on getting them more pampered. Must stock up on skin care products!!! (Speaking of which, I wonder if evan healy carries a line for hand and feet care, or if it’s all just facial moisturizers, hehe). I also think I should get a pedicure pronto! Teehee. I do hate getting them done just before heading off to class because they end up with mat marks!!! But yeah…my yogi toes need help!!!