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It’s really funny how life takes you to where you’re exactly supposed to be, even if it wasn’t what you had planned, yeah? I’ve told the story of how my yoga practice began many times over, but every time I think back at where it all began, I still find myself in awe and with overwhelming gratitude at how amazing this journey has been.  As I’ve said before, I really wanted to do yoga for the longest time. Many years before I first stepped into that mat, in fact. I was just too shy and hesitant to do so. So in 2010, I resolved to start a yoga practice. Since Bikram Yoga Alabang was the only studio I knew of at that time, I was all set to give it a try. Lucky for me (I’d like to believe), I ended up in a yin class, first at Ekagrata Sala and two days later, in an Introduction to Yin Workshop with my dear teacher (and friend) Dona Tumacder-Esteban. I say lucky for me because I don’t think my body was ready for the challenge of Bikram Yoga at that time, so if that was my first taste of what yoga was, perhaps the unfolding of the story would have been different.

And there it was. My love affair with yoga began. Till now whenever I am in a class with Dona and there are first timers, she always invites me to share my story with them.  So now I will do just that. Perhaps with a new chapter this time.

Beginning with yin yoga really was an amazing start for me. It was exactly what I needed, I suppose.  I would like to say that in my personal opinion, based on my experience, starting a yoga practice with yin, especially for someone like me who was extremely unhealthy and overweight, is the perfect first step into the mat. It was easy enough and not intimidating, yet it wasn’t simple and blah. It was…interesting to say the least. More »


I never really gave the question of fashion during yoga much thought before, but now that I am teaching, I noticed that many of those who come to me ask me, so what should I wear?

From the get go, this was my standard answer: whatever feels comfortable :) Okay, maybe I should add a few points here, because comfortable can be a bit, um, tricky. Anyway, here goes: More »


It is my fervent wish that in 2013, I get to go back to The Farm at San Benito for a Yoga Retreat. I AM CLAIMING IT NOW. Universe, I will get my retreat. I know I will. The Farm is quite a special place to me as it has been a venue of many life changing moments that happened to me this past year. It was at The Farm that I met my teacher and decided to become a teacher myself as well. It was also there that I found peace with a deeply painful wound I nursed in my heart. Lastly, it was at The Farm that I unintentionally became a vegetarian. There is just something magical in that place I tell you. I don’t know exactly what it is, but being there just is amazing. Whether it is at the amphitheater for some yoga, or sitting by the pool gently illuminated by jandy led pool lights in the evening, or maybe strolling through the trees and flowers, the magic draws you in.

Again I say it…I will get my retreat at The Farm in 2013. I will.


I’m really looking forward to this! I think there are a few slots left, so if you and your kids aren’t doing anything, come! :)

155455_443898645675089_1791877856_nclick on photo for details :)

I surely will keep you posted for more schedules this January!


Lately I have been discovering the joy of a self practice. It still often is a struggle, especially since I have two rowdy four-legged boys, but I have been doing better at it. Today’s space looked a bit like this:

Pretty enough, right :) I should get myself one of those totally zen garden frog statues that is seated in lotus to keep me company, har. Seriously though, being the beach goddess that I am, I like practicing in the garden and under the sun a whole lot. It’s just a bit hard to keep balance in the grass. I like having the sound of just the breeze keeping me company, and the occasional chirping of the birds. When I practice too late in the day, however, the sounds of the cars and tricycles join in. Nonetheless, this is my private practice space. Where do you do your practice? Do share :)