In the last blog contest hosted by Flow SurfYogaSamba, the power trio Noelle, Monica, and Denise posed a challenge to their readers to share a photo of themselves doing their favorite pose. That got me to think about what my favorite pose is. I do have several that I really like, but when I stop to think of it, my all-time favorite and the one that really makes me feel happy and free is Wild Thing, or Camatkarasana

Yoga Journal describes or defines Wild Thing as this: the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart :)

I have learned many poses and conquered many frenemy poses since I started my practice, such as hanumanasana, eka pada urdvha dhanurasana or one legged wheel pose, and even nataranjasana, or dancer pose, but despite those being my current “flavor of the month” when it comes to yoga photos, it is Wild Thing that I still love very much. More »


One of the things I was greatly reminded of these past few weeks is how yoga really goes beyond the mat. Indeed, the asanas or poses, which we often think of AS yoga, is just an itty bitty part of it. To really do yoga means taking yoga off of the mat and really LIVING YOGA. This is something my teachers Bow and Dona showed me through their example. Both of them trained under and amazing teacher, Binky Mendoza, who I have been lucky to get to practice with and explore the beginnings of my yoga with. When she did her last immersion, I was a pretty new yogini, and I had not yet been ready to delve deeper into my practice and so I passed on the opportunity to learn from her. I do not regret having done so, I must say, but I do long for the opportunity to learn under her. This July, she will be doing a teacher training program with Yoga+. I would have wanted to do this too, but it would be redundant for me, given that I had just finished my own training and am working towards my yin certification. Lucky for me, I was told that she will be holding a series of mini-retreats on April 28, May 5, and May 11. I definitely am making time for that :)

Check out LIVING YOGA on Facebook and read more about Binky and her programs.


Looking for a way to rock your practice? Here’s something that may interest you:

Sadie Nardini, superstar Yogini and creator of Core Strength Vinyasa, will be gracing Philippine shores with the last leg of her Rock Your Asana World Tour on May 28 and 29 at Beyond Yoga Bonifacio High Street Central.

For more details, click here and check out the posters on Beyond Yoga’s Facebook page. You may also email


For Christmas, I decided to take my mandala drawings and make them into eco friendly bags. The people I gave them to loved it and suggested that I make more for sale. I think I may just do that. I want to be able to make little tote bags with yoga inspired prints, or maybe even larger ones that can fit a change of clothes and all that. What do you think? Any ideas as to what kinds of prints to put ? Please do drop your suggestions for custom tote bags here :) Thanks!


You know how teachers say that the yoga pose you hate the most are those that you need the most? Well, This morning I thought up of a project I want to embark on…24 days of Mysore. Well, it started out as 30 but chatting with my friend on the way to the studio changed my plans a wee bit so I thought of cutting it down by a week.This occurred to me because just about this time last year, I set out on a 30-day yoga challenge and I was looking for something to do this year.

Anyway, I decided that maybe it is time to get to know Ashtanga a little bit better and maybe discover why the practice and I don’t mesh very well. I am a Yin baby, after all, with a love affair on the side with Vinyasa. And so keeping that idea of that what you hate most is what you need most, I am going to put on a brave front and experiment on this. I don’t know what it would be like, or if I will make it through, but I shall try. That’s all I can do anyway, right? Haha.

Why do I dislike Ashtanga (or at least think I dislike it)? Well, at this present moment, I am chalking it up to my disdain for the repetitiveness of the sequence and the fact that I can’t do about half of the poses. During teacher training, I had told my teacher Anna that I think I don’t like Ashtanga because it highlights what I cannot do rather than make me feel supported and nourished, the way yin does for me. Now that I write this, I realize that that’s the way I am off of the mat. I don’t like doing things I am not good at and in fact, when faced with those kinds of tasks, I choose not to do them at all. Perhaps this is why I need Ashtanga. Hmmm. (note: now that this is coming to me, do I really need to do this experiment??? hahaha).

And so for the next 24 days, I will make it a point to do the Half Primary (well, I can’t make it past Maricasana, so that’s all it’s gotta be!), either Mysore style or in class. I hope to document this experiment and reflect on why this practice, much as it is not my preference, is exactly what I need at this point. Wish me luck, yes?

P.S. Why 24, you ask? Well, four was too short, fourteen okay but twenty four rhymed best with Mysore. Random :) Haha.