One of the questions my yoga mentor always asks me is this: “What is your intention?

There are days when this question warrants a feeling of defensiveness, but more often than not, it allows me to pause and really figure out the directions in which I am going. I have come to realize that while I may not have a clear-cut and definitive answer to where I am going with my yoga career, one of the things that have become clear is that I want to be a yoga therapist. This goes beyond structural and functional anatomy, mind you, but I really want to use yoga and movement as therapy. I want to continue working in wellness centers such as The Farm at San Benito. I am taking my yoga practice into my clinical practice at PsychConsult as well. Over time, I want to be able to offer yoga therapy in alternative medicine centers, hospitals,drug detox clinics, and maybe even other types of wellness resorts around the world.

And that is my intention.



Woohoo. Still just a pop up, but I do get at least a breaths hangtime. And i don’t plop over :) Never imagined this would be possible, and though there’s a long way to go, I am grateful for this :)


It has been officially a full year since I graduated from my yoga teacher training and in the past twelve months, I have had my fair share of super awesome classes. In between those, however, I have had my moments of “whuuuuut???” :) I remember the first time I had an off-day as a teacher, and that bummed me out quite a bit and I had emailed my teacher then to talk to her about it. She told me to let it go and believe that it is just a part of my journey and that perhaps, it was not as bad as I made it seem. She was mostly right, I must say :)

In the past year, however, I have come up with a list that cues that simply don’t work! Or more succinctly, were just plain wrong. My personal favorite: Take a breath in, and on your exhale draw your right ear to your left shoulder. WHUUUUT? :) Haha. Obviously I meant right ear to right shoulder. Another funny moment came during dhanurasana when I said “okay everyone, now kick your heels to your feet”. ERRRR :) A variation of that went kick your hands to your feet. Haha :) More »