One of the worst things that can happen to a yoga teacher is to lose her voice completely. Yes, I am talking about literally. Woke up with not even a squeak. Yikes.

As a desperate measure, I messaged my brother to buy me my stash. Here’s hoping I get my voice back in time for work!




this is a repost from my old blog, I used to keep that as my main blog, but since I have created a site solely for yoga, I thought it would be nice to have it here, too.

when i’m on my mat, the whole world fades away
all the fears and doubts, and my insecurities and hurts disappear
all that’s left is just me, my breath and the Divine,
shining a light in me, reminding me of endless possibilities
and strength beyond my imagination

in it i learned grace and gratitude
and what it means to really be at peace
with it i learned to give and to take
because of it i learned to trust and love even more
while releasing myself of fear and attachment

when i’m on my mat, i find my way to being me
and the freedom to just be
with not a care except to breathe and be in the present moment
when i pick myself of my mat, i take with me a bit of that
piece by piece each and every time

one day i hope, nay, i pray,
the world around will be my mat
a place in which i own my space
where my heart will know just that
and my soul will feel exactly that.