I have always wanted to go on a yoga retreat into some little island, but time and finances have not made that possible yet. I have allowed myself to settle for little weekends off in a beach and just practice by the sea. Recently, however, I got invited to not just practice by the beach, but to teach! Woohoo. The place is called Buri Resort, which is in Puerto Galera, Mindoro. I shall write a more comprehensive update on the place, with pictures, when I have time :) Suffice it to say, Buri Resort was recently included in a list of 20 most luxurious beach resorts in the Philippines. It really is gorgeous! I love it so much it kinda trumps (only cognitively, I guess haha!) my desires to go to The Hamptons and to even be on the look out for for miami beach real estate that I can put up a retreat center in! Haha.

In the meantime,watch out for a list of yoga destinations in the Philippines that I will put up soon :)