Today I caught up with a very dear friend of mine, who, for many reasons, I felt I grew apart from in the past three or so years. I realized, however, that maybe we didn’t really grow apart, but that we (or at least I speak from my end) grew up.  It’s funny how growing up changes things, I guess. It’s sort of like how as an adult, I tend to see less of the magic that surrounds me.  It dawned on me that maybe the magic is still there, but it has been clouded by seeming “reality” and the demands of day to day.

My practices of yoga and gratitude have helped me remember and touch base with that magic. Admittedly I still live in a very real world that is heavy with demands, concerns, and yes, problems, but having my practice helps me see that I can adapt to what is going on.

In many ways, I have grown up. I did not grow apart from the child that believed in magic and found pleasure in the little things, I just grew up. I no longer am the same person I was back then, and so why should I expect things to be the way they were, right? I need to adapt and transform along with that.

Over lunch today I paused in gratitude for the opportunity to not only step back into a space in that friendship sisterhood I found in a place that no longer exists today but to walk away knowing that indeed, all that happened was that we grew up, and not apart, and through this I have found a new piece of me to hone and grow into until I am ready for the next transformation that lies ahead.


Since coming back from training I have found a renwewed inspiration for my practice, both as a teacher and as a student.  I am so grateful to feel this way :) I am falling in love with yoga all over again and this time, its a different depth that I’m finding. I do feel the aches and pains in my body now and I realized how out of shape I am (because teaching really isn’t practicing) and how poses that were easy for me before are now not accessible. Nonetheless, to be reconnecting to these poses is happiness enough :)

I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks will bring me :) 


Today started off on the wrong foot and as much as I tried, I kept slipping over and over down the slippery slope of frustration, bordering on anger. Every little thing kept sparking that feeling. Eventually it rose so much that I started reacting to it. Funny thing, the peak happened at the midst of a foot massage, which, ideally, should have toned that down.

Go figure. 



Today found me back in the preschool in front of a whole bunch of toddlers and preschoolers.  I must say, a big part of me was overwhelmed with working with this age group again but a little part of me was amazed at how instinctual many of the things we did was for them.

What amazed me was watching the kids breathe. They held such soft spaces, came in and out of the breath so readily and in an instant, they were able to quiet their bodies and their minds. Sure it didn’t last long, but it was beautiful to watch.

I am grateful for this.


Its been a long time since I’ve done a product review and since a couple of my friends from training and I were talking about Toesox last week, I think this is a good time to do one. I had mentioned to one of them that I needed a new pair of Toesox sandals because I had worn mine out already and then she mentioned that she was iffy about it because it was pricey. I told her I agreed with her and that, in fact, when Toesox sandals were first introduced, I chalked it up to another expensive fad brought about by the commercialization of yoga. I swore (I should really stop that!) I would never get a pair because it was too expensive. I did get another pair that touted weight loss and foot support and all, but I didn’t see those effects, so I said this whole five fingered slipper was just one of those things yet again. 

However, after a bout of sciatica and a whole lot of other issues that I know stem from my feet, I gave in and said I’d at least give it a try. Plus one of my teachers and colleagues said I should invest in my feet, and that the support that the Toesox sandals provided was worth it.
Suffice it to say I never regretted it and I never went back. To date I’ve purchased more pairs than I have hands and feet together, but it definitely has been a worthwhile investment.
What I like about it is that it is really soft and comfortable, plus it does spread out your toes and allow for better balance (especially in yoga). What I don’t like, however, is that well, they’re not so pretty hehe :) There are prettier designs now, to be fair, as compared to when they first cane out. Also, because of my weight and the way I pronate my feet, I do tend to wear them out in time. But then again, I do the same for all my footwear. I’ve even worn out the big toe side of my Havaianas! So much so that there is literally no sole to it haha :)

So at the end of the day, I wear pricey footwear because it is good for my feet and as a yogi, I feel that caring for that is more than worth the money I spend on footwear.