One of my teachers posted a question today on Facebook. She asked, what is the most valuable teaching you have received? I started to answer it but my client came and I put my phone away then forgot about it. After class tonight, I scrolled through some photos my friend took of me and remembered my teachers question. This photo captures exactly what I wanted to say.

The most valuable lesson I have received is to be unapologetic for who I am.

You see, I was once the girl who was painfully shy. The one who wouldnt even join in on a jump shot, or make a funny face for a photo. The one who hid behind a wicked sense of humor and an overly giving heart to cover up her deep insecurity. But today, I found myself excited at the thought at donning a costume I ordinarily would not have done so in a long time. While preparing for class my friend Dinah asked me what had changed that allowed me to drop my guard and I and I said it was because I finally stopped being embarrassed about who I am and making excuses about that. Since i found my home here at Yoga+, I found myself growing more and more comfortable in my own skin, not just because of my own mind shift, but because of how i have been gifted with a supportive and accepting environment.

And so today this non-dancer danced to a beat of her own and sang out of tune without a care.

So yeah, the most valuable thing I have learned is to not apologize for who I am because who I am, well, its awesome. 
For this, I am grateful.