At long last, I finally did it….I clicked on the “order” button at the Superfood Grocer website :) Teehee. I have been making green smoothies since I became a vegetarian last February, but I never really stopped to consider what I have been putting into my drinks. More often than not, my green smoothies are made with a banana, an apple, coconut water (or pinapple juice if I don’t have coconut water), pechay, spinach, and malunggay. That’s about it. And oh yeah, I just throw this in to a regular blender.

I figured you can’t go wrong with fruits and vegetables with coconut water, right? But anyway, I realized that because I had shifted to a plant based diet and eliminated the old sources of protein and nutrients that my body was used to, I had to find replacements that will fill those needs.

Enter the magical algae spirulina :)

That began my deeper exploration of what else a plant based diet can provide for me. From there, I started reading more on what other things I can try to add and supplement for my diet, especially since I have found myself slowly craving more carbs and sweets because my body seems to be overcompensating because of the very sudden shift (I did go vegetarian cold turkey, so to speak. Pardon the non-veg association hehe). I also noticed my energy level was more blaaaah and even my yoga practice was lacking its usual focus and intensity. When I started incorporating spirulina in my diet, removing some rice and replacing it with quinoa, and replacing table sugar with coconut sugar or green stevia, I felt much better.

Since the holidays are here, it’s so much harder to keep myself on track. When I go to parties, it is exceptionally hard. Not just because it’s hard to resist temptation, but 90% of the time, I am with my friends who are non-vegetarian. While they really try hard to make accommodations for me, sometimes I have to compromise and have something that is not really completely vegetarian. I may not eat the meat, but it is cooked with it, so kinda not so perfect, right? Or I end up just having a pasta dish (thank God for easy veggie pastas!) and dessert. Also, as the holidays approach, there are times when I find myself with an old favorite…the strawberry margarita.

So..going back to the point of this post…in preparation for the next two weeks (and the rest of my life I hope!) I finally ordered my Smoothie Starter pack. The pack contains Spirulina, Maca Root, Malunggay Leaves, Coco Cacao Nibs and Coconut Sugar. I am also committing to having at least one smoothie a day when I wake up to keep the blah away :) Let’s see how this goes.

Oh wait..I gotta wait till my package arrives. Let’s see how this goes.

P.S. One of the best things I like about the Superfood Grocer is the fact that they take Paypal! Yey! No need to line up in the bank to pay for my order!!! :)


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