A few years ago, I found myself in an Introduction to Jung class. Although I had completed the academic requirements for a masters degree in Clinical Psychology by then, I felt compelled to take the course nonetheless. Luckily, there was a slot available for me, and I grabbed it with both hands and an open heart.I do not take it as a coincidence that it was only then that I was able to take the course, even though the opportunity had presented itself several times prior to my enrollment. I know in my heart that it happened at the right time, in the right place.

It was then that I discovered the concepts of archetypes and shadows, and the quest for equanimity and balance.

It was then, too, that I discovered my love for drawing mandalas. Out of that class was born a collection of mandalas, a series that I have now called Gifts from a Dark Night of the Soul. So much joy, sorrow, happiness, fear, discovery, breaking down and completion came from the creation of those pieces. Looking back, I realized, I wasn’t really “just drawing”. It was through drawing those mandalas I found stillness and quiet. More so, I found me.

I have long stopped drawing mandalas, but on occasion, the urge comes and so I do. Perhaps that part of my life is over, and I have moved on.

In the past year, I have found my way on this yogic path and it dawned on me that many of the Jungian concepts that I had once studied and learned resonate clearly in my practice. The archetypes, the shadows, the yin and the yang…all of these started coming back to me. More so, as I learned more and more about the practice, I found that many of the asanas that challenged me or that I fell in love with held so much more meaning than just the physical challenges of the poses, thus this site :) As a psychologist, I was amazed at how my issues, my hurts, my fears and even all my joys were reflected in my asana practice. In the same way that I know my being in that class was not by chance, I know the timing in which I fell into the practice happened exactly as it should have, at exactly the right time and the right way that was meant for me.

And so as I was setting up this site after one of my yoga classes, it dawned on me that perhaps the reason why mandalas stopped calling out to me, is because I now find the stillness and the quiet through my practice, my movement meditation. I may lose my breath every now and then, I may still complain when the poses are too challenging, but yes, I find my way back to me.

Join me as I explore the asanas, the archetypes, and how yoga puts these two together, at least for me. Maybe you’ll see it’s true for you too, yes? :)




  1. Hi Ria,

    Congratulations on being a yoga teacher. I’d like to go back to yoga again. Where do you hold your classes? Please let me know.



    • Hi Ginny,

      Thank you :) I am wrapping up training by mid-November and should be ready to teach by then :) Right now I am not affiliated with any studios (yet!) but I am open to doing privates, either in my home or the practitioners home. Depends :) Let’s see how it goes. I shall email you details when they’re available.

      I hope to see you soon!


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