The long wait is over! Today, April 11, 2012, Beyond Yoga, AntiGravity Yoga’s (AGY) exclusive partner here in Manila, formally opens it’s suspension studio for daily flights and adventures on the signature AGY silk hammock.

Antigravity yoga philippines

Just before the first flight took off this morning with Teacher Rianna, I got to join several other yoga friends in a sneak peak of the studio and it was an amazing experience. Teacher Monica gave us quite a workout and her enthusiasm for the practice was bubbling over! While I have been lucky enough to have taken several AGY classes over the past few months at The Farm at San Benito and in other venues, the excitement and thrill of each class is always different.

Here are some photos taken during that evening’s “dress rehearsal” of the studio :)

AntiGravity Yoga is by far one of my most favorite workouts! In many ways, it has allowed me to fulfill many childhood dreams. As a kid I wanted to be a ballet dancer and a gymnast but my body said otherwise hehe. With the AGY hammock, I get to to flips and spins and all sorts of amazing stuff that I never thought I could ever do.¬† Also, being snuggled in the fabric is such a freeing, liberating and exciting practice that lets me do many things I have difficulty doing on the mat, such as inversions. Like I shared before, inversions were always (and still are, actually) difficult for me, but with the hammock, I get to access such poses with ease and with zero compression.¬† It’s also a lot of fun! Playing around and hanging upside down makes me feel like a little kid again, and because life tends to keep us soooo busy all the time, we often have little time to drop our guard and just let go and have fun. With the hammock, you can’t not have fun!

Drop by and hang with the amazing AGY teachers of Beyond Yoga at the 3rd floor, Il Terrazzo Bldg., Tomas Morato cor Sct. Madrinian St, Quezon City. Rates and packages can be found at the Beyond Yoga Facebook Page :)

Not from Manila? Check out Shiva Yoga and see if they have a program that suits you :)


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