At long last, I was finally able to try out one of the new classes Beyond Yoga offers! Beyond Core Flow is one of two new signature classes the studio launched in the past few weeks. It is an intense 60-minute workout that rocks! To be honest, as Rianna Gatus (today’s core flow teacher) said, it really is a different yoga experience. It’s nothing like your usual yoga class where you follow an Uyaji breath and flow into asanas. This one is WAY faster and more intense, much like an aerobic exercise. It does go through the typical yoga surya namaskar (sun salutations) sequences, but there are variations that really pump up your adrenalin and engage your core to it’s fullest. Imagine: pulsing in your chaturangas, tapping your toes into the ground while pulsing in Warrior 3 and an intense thigh workout in those Utkatasanas. The core sequence, particularly with variations of Navasana (boat pose) and arm/leg lifts will definitely strengthen and build up your core muscles.

looks easy? oooh believe me it’s more challenging than it looks! challenging, but super fun. intense core workout indeed!!! photo from Beyond Yoga, used with permission.

Beyond Yoga describes the class as “a transformational experience efficiently programmed into a 60-minute class that is fueled by music. Designed to shift your energy and improve overall well-being, Beyond Core Flow inspires students with a combination of yoga asanas that raise the body’s heat and increase cardio endurance, intense core functional training to strengthen and tone the core, Qi Gong circular movements, and stretching to move energy and produce a state of inner calm and balance”.

As a regular practitioner, I will say that this is definitely not your average yoga class. In fact, first timers may be surprised at how different it is. It is, however, a great way to mix things up and work on target areas in order to address the typical weak areas such as your arms, core, and shoulders that need to be strengthened for asanas such as inversions and arm balances. But more than anything, Beyond Core Flow is one super fun class :)

Beyond Core Flow is offered at both Beyond Yoga QC and Bonifacio High Street Central. Check out or find them on Facebook for schedule details.


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