I love, love, love this shirt I got for my kids yoga classes. It really speaks of what I want my classes to be like…fun! I wish it fit better though, because it is quite unflattering to the figure (my figure to be exact) because it’s kinda like a cross between a t-shirt and a hanging shirt that’s kinda wide on the girth. I usually roll up the sleeves and knot it at the back to make it fit my body type better. Not that it really matters with kids what you look like hehe :) I do love dressing up in these non-typical clothes you’d see me in on a regular basis. Then again, come to think of it, since I started yoga, the non-typical clothes have become my daily staple. Gone are the stilettos and now I’m in flip flops 90% of the time! Now I dress in “costume”, such as in tutus and ballet flats, tiaras and fairy wins!

Yes, kids yoga brings out the kid in me!


I will be honest in saying that before I discovered yoga and gained an understanding of the practice of meditation, I used to think mala beads were overrated and well…unpretty. I was always the type to be attracted to things like charm bracelets and pretty jewelry such as those by slane and slane. I particularly liked thin silver chains with unique pendants and I spent lots of time as a child in Baguio buying such jewelry. Beads were…blah.

Then one day I saw a post by a teacher friend of mine and was drawn to this mala. The rest, so to speak, is history. I found my mala. Now I am waiting for my mantra to come.


Yesterday, while waiting for a friend for dinner, I passed by the hardware store to check out rubber mats. I was thinking this might be a good alternative for the mats I need. Yes, I know it isn’t really a yoga mat, but I was imagining that maybe it could be something I can use in the meantime. Let’s face it…I can’t afford to invest in 15 new mats right about now. Anyway, while I was at the store, I decided to look around and let my imagination run wild, just like when I was a preschool teacher. I saw some superdidooper cute cat toys that I thought of using as props for a kids class (no, it wasn’t a scratcher! It was like a bell on a stick with some really cute colored feathers at the tip), I imagined how the soft ropes and rubber stoppers can be made into cute toys, and I even took pause and thought of what I can do with a double jacket fire hose! I remember that as a preschool teacher, I had a whole lotta teacher made toys that were fabulous :) Seriously though, I saw this post in Facebook recently about braiding together plastic bags and it came out looking like a rope. That’s what inspired the whole let’s check the hardware thought came from! Hehe. Do you have any creative ways of making yoga props? Do let me know if you do!


Yesterday I wrote about wanting to find some yoga bling, then I remembered this page on Facebook that one of my teachers had invited me to like. It’s called Chit Mala Beads. Before, I wouldn’t have given it a second look because I’m not really into beads and all, but for some reason, I was compelled to. In less than five minutes, one of the pieces “called” out to me and couldn’t help but ask about it. It is a piece made of turquoise and agate. The description read: Turquoise: is said to open all chakras, promoting the sense of unity of the self and oneness with all that surrounds us. It also is believed to assist the absorption of nutrients while strengthening the immune system and stimulating tissue regeneration.

I honestly don’t know what it is about the piece that made me want it, but I did. There are other pieces made of different stones, like agate and lapiz lazuli and so on and so forth. I don’t remember if there are any Australian Opal Beads available, but in any case, the pieces are so nice. So much so I should stop looking haha!

Do check them out on Facebook. I may not know much about the healing powers and all of gems and crystals, but it’s worth exploring :)

PS. I’m so excited to get my piece :) Will post it when I do!!!


It’s official…I have crossed over to the yoga dark side.


I’m kidding :)

Although I may be the quite the fashionista in my off-the-mat life (yes, I did a whole year of Project Prettify me, after all, complete with the daily doses of make-up, pretty dresses and four inch stilettos), but since I started doing yoga, I’ve pretty much lived off of flip flops, leggings, and tank tops. To be fair…they’re mostly from my little sunshine store (a.k.a. Forever 21) so I’d like to think they’re still quite fashionable.

However…I’ve always envied (di naman bawal mainggit pagnagyo-yoga diba?? haha) the pretty outfits that many of my teachers and classmates have…those pretty little things with that little horseshoe like logo.

Yep, the Lulu’s.

You see, even if I love yoga to bits and I would gladly spend on classes, workshops and the like, I’ve been SOOOO stingy when it comes to my attire. Those 145-285 peso shirts from F21 were doing the trick for me, anyway…why spend thousands on ONE top, right?

But then, the other day my friend sent me a text that said “call me” and when I did she was like, “Oh my God, Ria, you have to get this Lulu top that’s on sale in Aura. It’s amazingly CHEAP!” (oh the magic words for this chipipay fashionista”)

Five hundred pesoses. Didn’t take much convincing here. Haha.I spend more on margaritas, after all.

Got it today, and OMG…can I wear it everyday??? :) HA! Yes…I’m Lulufied. I shall stop Lemonizing myself with them margas now. Ktnxbai :) But ohmygollygumdrop…I wish them Lululemon’s weren’t sooo danged expensive.

yeah, yeah, I know this is an uber random rambly post. sleepy much but couldn’t not write! HEHE