Yoga Workshop

Fitness First, one of the foremost names in fitness here in the country, cordially invites you to discover Forrest Yoga with internationally recognized Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), Erica Mather in her first ever Fitness First Yoga Asian Tour.

The two day workshop is a first as well for Fitness First, and it will be held at Ace Water Spa in Pasig. Check out the photo below for a more detailed description of the four sessions during the two day intensive workshops: More »


The first time I heard about Universal Yoga was when the super fun and amazing international yoga teacher Will Lau was here last March for a Continuing Education Training Intensive series with Beyond Yoga. Apparently, Universal Yoga is quite big in Europe and in other places around the globe, but it definitely was the first time I came across it then. In the classes he taught, we used two mats crossed over each other (to form an “x”) and the poses took as all around all four corners of the crossed mats. Through going around the mandala, as Will called it, we really got to feel what it is like to balance out the bodies. The poses often called for the union of opposites, so we would, for example, work different arm and leg pairs together, and then switch. To be honest, it still is a little hard for me to explain the whole process, and it really is something that should be experienced in person. The Universal Yoga class is a challenging and powerful class that allows any practitioner to see the practice in a new light :) More »


One of the things I was greatly reminded of these past few weeks is how yoga really goes beyond the mat. Indeed, the asanas or poses, which we often think of AS yoga, is just an itty bitty part of it. To really do yoga means taking yoga off of the mat and really LIVING YOGA. This is something my teachers Bow and Dona showed me through their example. Both of them trained under and amazing teacher, Binky Mendoza, who I have been lucky to get to practice with and explore the beginnings of my yoga with. When she did her last immersion, I was a pretty new yogini, and I had not yet been ready to delve deeper into my practice and so I passed on the opportunity to learn from her. I do not regret having done so, I must say, but I do long for the opportunity to learn under her. This July, she will be doing a teacher training program with Yoga+. I would have wanted to do this too, but it would be redundant for me, given that I had just finished my own training and am working towards my yin certification. Lucky for me, I was told that she will be holding a series of mini-retreats on April 28, May 5, and May 11. I definitely am making time for that :)

Check out LIVING YOGA on Facebook and read more about Binky and her programs.


Looking for a way to rock your practice? Here’s something that may interest you:

Sadie Nardini, superstar Yogini and creator of Core Strength Vinyasa, will be gracing Philippine shores with the last leg of her Rock Your Asana World Tour on May 28 and 29 at Beyond Yoga Bonifacio High Street Central.

For more details, click here and check out the posters on Beyond Yoga’s Facebook page. You may also email


It’s been no secret that the practice I always come home to and is perhaps one of those closest to my heart is yin yoga. I have written about my love affair with yin many times over in this blog alone, after all (and yes, my other blogs host many yin stories as well :)). However, the other day, I got to discover a new practice that put together Anitgravity Yoga, which is another practice I have thoroughly enjoyed, with the more yin approach that I have truly loved.

I forget the name of this pose but it transitions beautifully (and super yummily!) into swan :)

The practice is called Antigravity Yoga Restorative, which is described as the healing, gentler side of the Antigravity Yoga practice. I’d like to think of it  as the yin to the yang of AGY FUNdamentals, Flying Fitness and Pilates. So yeah, it’s like yin with wings :) More »