Before I left for Singapore last December, I was going through Google for stores where I can buy yoga inspired jewelry. One of the sites I came across was the website for the store called Touch the Toes. They had amazing chakra bracelets. I immediately noted down the location and set it in my itinerary.

Outside of Singapore, there was a place called Yin Jewelry for the Soul, which is located in Bali. I hope to go there soon.

In Manila, I found a handful of nice sellers on Instagram, namely Ohm Project Manila, Yogini Bear and Shantimanila. Do check them out :)


How does one keep calm in the face of amazing sales??? I would venture that even the non-shopaholic and seasoned yogi would also have their hearts skip a beat at the sight of amazing deals at one of THE yoga clothing shopping mecca’s in Manila, Certified Calm. To be honest, I have only stepped into Certified Calm a handful of times for two reasons: first, I used to feel SO bad that I could never fit into the clothes (or should I say I automatically assumed nothing but maybe socks and headbands would fit) and two, the prices couldn’t fit my budget (but then again, I was spending crazy amounts of money for food! haha). However, when I became serious in my practice, I bought my mat from Certified Calm, and a few other stuff as well, but never really clothes.

Today, however, since I was teaching in BHS, I decided to drop by the store to check out the sale, as I had read about it on Facebook. OMG. I went craaaazy! Buti nalang I had class so I had to stop! Haha.

I got a really awesome deal with the Zobha tops. Like what I said about my first Lululemon some time ago, I used to shy away from them because I thought they were just too expensive and I was pretty satisfied with the ordinary tanks I would get at a fraction of the price at the department store. But after I discovered Lulu’s and Prana’s, I was hooked.  And so today I got Zobha’d. Har. How could I resist, when I got them at half of what they usually retail for??? It came at the right time, too, because just yesterday, I texted my friend saying I needed new “work” clothes that weren’t too low cut because last week (given my bountiful bosom) things almost popped out! Nyahahaha :) An added bonus, I finally got myself a block to replace the one Joe chewed. I almost got a cork one too, which I really wanted, but sadly it was damaged. Boo. I would have taken it though, had I not seen the crack! Haha. Oh well :)

The Certified Calm sale on regular items at the BHS branch, as I understand, is on till tomorrow but the sale items will be there for the next week or so. The Shangri-la branch sale starts tomorrow, regular items go on till Sunday while sale items will be available for longer.

Certified Calm is located at the Ground Floor of the Two Parkade Building, Bonifacio Global City, along 30th and 7th streets and at the 3rd Level of the Shangri-La Plaza Mall.