I came across a link on my Facebook wall today and I wanted to share it here:


I loved this part of the article: “Remember everyone can do yoga. We breathe, we feel, we stretch, and we connect fully to ourselves, even if we don’t look like a supermodel.”

check the rest out. Truly an empowering read!


I haven’t finished reading Bo Forbes’ book on Yoga and Emotional Balance, but because Sarah Powers is coming this February, I thought it best to pause from the first book and pick this one first :) In any case, both Sarah Powers and Bo Forbes seem to be quite inspirational teachers and I am looking forward to learning from them both :) Will post a review of this book when I am done :)


I never was really the type to read (well, at least after my high school phase where I read all sorts of teenybopper romances). In fact, I would be the kind of girl who would scour the internet for an audio book online so I don’t have to deal with the actual reading of the book. Lately, however, I have been catching myself reading book after book. I guess when there is no more pressure to come out with an output with what you read and if it is something that means a lot to you, it becomes more fun and interesting. This is the latest one I that has caught my attention:

I’m just at the first chapter and I am quite drawn to it. It is written by Bo Forbes, who is a clinical psychologist and a yoga teacher. I think I may have just found my guru :) I claim it now: ONE DAY I WILL LEARN FROM HER!


I may not be the biggest reader, but reading blogs and short articles about yoga have definitely caught my fancy, especially since it is quite easy to read. Also, it gives me a chance to reflect on certain things about my personal self.

So, for you, my dear readers, I’d like to share a list of sites I read. They may not necessarily always reflect my personal views, but they’re good sites to visit :) Some might not really be totally yoga, but it’s all about self-reflection and mindfulness so I added them here too.

1. The Yogini From Manila
2. Do You Yoga
3. Mind Body Green
4. Manila Jiva
5. Dharma Dreams
6. Elephant Journal

Happy reading :)


Every once in a while I come across a book that leaves me captivated, breathless and in awe. The book, Yoga in the Wild, by Lucia Misa is one of those books.

Lucia Misa

Yoga in the Wild is a collection of Ciay’s life stories that take the reader through her discovery and journey of what she has called the Talikwas, or the unfolding from inside out and it is this soft belly yoga that she imparts to her students.Her candidness, honesty and openness about her life experiences really capture how yoga is really a practice that goes beyond the mat, but to life in general. She talks about the body’s infinite wisdom and how the breath can allow for the fullness of that experience.

Anyway, I came across this book around April last year when I had attended my first yoga workshop with Ciay, but back then, although I was in love with yoga already, I was not so drawn to the book and even though my teacher, Dona, talked about the book many times over the past several months, and that there was an open copy of the book in Flow where I practice almost everyday, I never bothered to pick it up.

However, a few weeks ago after visiting a friend in her new home on my way to one of my random road trips in order to really just sit in the quiet and converse with my soul, I picked up the book and started reading it. From cover to cover. IN TWO HOURS. No kidding. I was so glad that Pat literally forced me to take her copy of the book even if I offered many a protest at first. More »