Although I have been doing Antigravity yoga for quite some time now, I more often than not end up in one of the AGY FUNdamentals classes at Beyond Yoga, mainly because of my schedule. Lately, however, I have been able to catch some of the more advanced classes called Flying Fitness. I did get a chance to try that already before but for the most part, I’ve been doing the FUNdamentals. I have enjoyed the FUNdamentals very much and each class is still exciting and quite different. However, the Flying Fitness class takes AGY to another level. It almost is like suspension training! Imagine: flying crunches, swinging side oblique crunches (well…you’re not supposed to swing but its the only way I manage mwahahaha!), and suspended planks and push-ups, and suspended pikes and tucks. Whew! Most of the Flying Fitness classes I got to attend were with Teacher Nik and my golly! He always gives us a challenging workout!

Today was my last Flying Fitness class (at least for now, while I do more mat yoga to prepare for Teacher Training) and although I still have a hard time keeping up with the class, I’m glad I finally survived a whole set of suspended push-ups and flying crunches! I still couldn’t to the tugs much though, boo 🙁 I am determined, however, to be able to do them soon!

Have you tried AntiGravity Yoga? Do leave a comment and share your experience with me!


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