Letting go and surrendering to the unknown is something that used to be SUPER difficult for me. Admittedly, on occasion I still find myself falling into old familiar patterns of doubt and holding on to what is familiar.

The past two weeks have been no exception. One difference, however, is that now, I seem to be more able to just watch my thoughts, without getting so trapped in it’s web. That’s a good start, right? Before I would remember that whenever I am faced with something I am unsure of or needed an answer right away, I would go the extra mile to get what I need to feel settled in my heart, thinking that it was ME and MY ACTIONS that would give the answer. So much so that I’d go through great lengths to make sure to speed up pc/internet connections (I am, after all, a techie dependent girl) so that I can quickly research options instantly. Now, however, I can take a deep breath and at least try to wait.

Anyway, over the past few days I have been observing my thoughts get faster and faster, threatening to take me into the wave. And then I was reminded of things I learned in TT, particularly about Ishvara Pranidhana. And so I Googled it a bit, and was struck by this quote from this post: “Surrender implies complete trust, sitting in your heart, open to the Divine plan and where and how life takes you. It is more than just letting go, surrendering, going
with the flow. A pure trust, belief, that actually carries you, it raises something within you, through the heart. It is mostly explained as devotion par excellence. Such devotion gives rise to grace, which is the lift within”

And so I remember to let go. Let go and surrender. Open to grace, Ri. Open to grace.


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