When I graduated from my Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training program, I immediately launched my Yoga Mat Drive because I knew that this was the seva project that I really wanted to get involved in. Seva, or selfless action, is something that I used to be hesitant to do because I was always too shy and self-conscious (ironic, right?) to put myself out there. However, yoga has taught me so much and coming out of that cave of self-consciousness was one of them.

Since then, I have collected 5 mats, have about 5 more pledged :) Amazing how the Universe conspires for you :)

Thank you too all who have so generously given and supported my project. Please don’t worry if the mats are old, somewhat frayed, or a little dirty. All it needs is some loving and it will be good to go! It’s not like I need those Hydraulic Power Units or hoses to clean it up, right? :)


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