This morning I found myself entertaining the thought of sleeping in and skipping my yoga practice because I was just sooooo darned sleepy (serves me right, I guess, since I spent half the night scouring through the app store and downloading stuff to my iPad. Oh, did I mention that was after spending over two hours “window” shopping for a red jade yoga travel mat and some ipod accessories online!).  I came close to giving in to the urge but I decided to suck it up and get dressed and headed off to Urban Ashram in Bonifacio High Street for the Flexibility Not Required (FNR) class I had signed up for during their Open House.

In class, I found myself being adjusted by the teacher a lot. Repeatedly. I thought I’d get frustrated by it, like I used to in the beginning of my practice, but surprisingly, I appreciated every single adjustment thrown my way. Why do I say surprisingly? Well, because in the beginning, when I was still a yoga newbie, I hated adjustments like crazy. I felt like I was such an inept practitioner whenever the teacher would adjust me and remind me to flatten my hands on the ground etc, etc. I guess it was also because I tend to get defensive about a lot of things, especially things when I feel like I am being criticized or that I am not doing a good job. The only adjustment I used to appreciate was having my teacher push back my hips in downward facing dog because it felt good. Har.More so, I used to be super duper self-conscious and I would really have lots of difficulty letting go and allowing people into my personal space. In adjustments, well, there’s really a sharing of personal space there, right? With lots of sweat and other stuff going on. Haaaar. Yeah, yeah…I know it was just my ego getting in the way back then! In the session this morning, however, I found myself understanding my body and how it moves much better. I also got to see things in a new way, which was amazing 🙂 Today I learned to appreciate the adjustment process. It made me realize that it is an essential part, not just of the practice, but of life in general. After all, you can’t just keep living life the way you know it, right? You have to make those micro adjustments that make you more efficient, take care and protect you, and provide you a better sense of balance. And with this knowledge, you come away as a much better practitioner whether this be of yoga, or of life 🙂


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