A year ago today, I opened to grace.

I sat on a new mat, one that I bought on a whim, following a dream that I had not too long ago. I took a chance, pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and allowed myself to get to know my body, heart and soul.

Today my mat is frayed, shedding in so many places, much like the me I used to know. However, while that may be the case on the outside, I know it’s not in vain for I realized that I needed to shed the old to bring out what was deep inside, hiding behind walls so thick. I know now that I am not the same person that made it to the mat on that night, 365 days ago.

Looking back, it was on that day that I opened to grace that my life changed completely.

It wasn’t love at first sight I must admit, but yes, there was an immediate connection to the practice. A few days later, when I made it back to my mat, I fell in love and have continued to fall deeper and deeper into the practice in so many ways.

Through my practice I have learned (and continue to learn) how to shed my skin and to spread my wings. I have, as I once wrote, learned to root like a tree and bend in the wind like bamboo. I have learned to flow like water and float like a cloud. I have found how to release to the earth and yet soar like a bird in the bright blue sky. I have even discovered what it meant to be still in the middle of a storm, and that yes, it i possible to be calm despite it all. But most of all I have learned that all that really matters is where you are today and that all that counts is what you put in to that.

And so everyday, I try to open to grace. I still falter and fail, and yes, there are still days when I just feel like I don’t have it in me to pick myself up and try again, but I do. After all, like I have learned with all the asanas I have explored this past year, falling is part of the process. And every time it happens, all you really have to do is try again and maybe, just maybe, you nail it down pat. But if not, there’s always room to try again. And so I try and pick myself up, dust myself off, and do it again :)

This is me, taking on life, one asana at a time. I invite you to join me as I explore the practice on and off the mat.



  1. Why is it that I’m crying?

    Maybe because I also need to find a new(er) me. I told myself that this year is going to be awesome and life-changing and I am determined to take the little steps to make that happen.

    Yes, we need to take in charge of our lives if we want change to happen. I am glad you are going through a lot of changes and I’m even happier that I am a witness to these.

    Luv ya friend :)

    • awwww….i thank you, my friend. your words inspire me to keep on writing about my journey. i pray you find your newer you, too, soon :) love, love, love!!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS soon-to-be yoga teacher Ria! :))

  3. I am so happy you choose love and grace, opening yourself up to the universe at all times. It’s a blessing to see transformation especially ones which are as marvelous as yours.

  4. Congratulations on finding your passion! It looks like it’s going to be a rewarding journey. :)

    • thank you rowena! i hope you get to try yoga soon too, especially now that i see you’re getting on the fitness route too!!

  5. You have indeed found your path, my dear Ria!!! I wish you well with this blog and look forward to many more Eat Pray Love adventures with you as we journey along our life roads, discover our true selves and try to live more meaningfully. Hugs, love and a thousandfold graces for you…..

    • Thank you my dear soul friend, Jane :) I, too, look forward to our next our next adventures! Here’s to life, on and off the mat!

  6. Ri, I am excited for you for this new project. And most importantly for your journey to your real self. They say that the journey to self is never ending and is the most challenging yet fulfilling. ;))

  7. Always be true to yourself no matter what the changes your going through now. Never forget your roots and the path you have started.

    Good luck on what you do now moving forward.

    Best Endeavors Ria.

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